“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

And, every journey has given me tons of opportunity to realize numerous secrets. I, Shivakumar will be your guide in the Journey through Nature to uncover these secrets of the beautiful, mysterious and yet some of the common destinations around us. From the wild in the forest to the winged beauties in the skies, from the undisturbed nature to the chaotic concrete jungles, from standing mountains and swaying rivers, I present the kaleidoscope of nature and travel visuals as seen through my eyes. Behind some of these amusing secrets lies a harsh truth. Some of these visions you see are near extinction making them a mirage for the future generation. In this journey, there is also the pollution in the name of human civilization that is contaminating the freshness of nature. I invite you to join me in the wonderful journey and create an awareness to make it equally memorable and reveal more such beautiful secrets to the rest of the world. In Journey through Nature, every milestone is portrayed by the images from the wild, the nature and some of the beautiful places I have visited. I started etching these milestones when I started photography as a hobby, but this hobby turned into a serious interest in 2006 when I started travel during my official breaks leading the hobby to take shape into a serious passion. By profession, I am a software engineer and have a strong interest in photography and travel. To be equipped for the journey, I have adapted myself to the digital world by upgrading to DSLRs but continue to use my trust worthy Canon EOS300 Film SLR pretty frequently. The gear that accompanies in my journey is a Canon DSLR kit clubbed with a variety of lenses ranging from 18mm to 300mm along with a variety of filters and accessories. I use Fiesol Carbon fiber tripod clubbed with Arca Swiss Z1 Ball head as support and shoot on Sandisk CF cards. I process my images on my Calibrated Apple iMac / Mac Book Air using Lightroom 5, Photoshop CS6 & Apple Final Cut Pro X software. If there is anything more you want to know about my day-2-day life and also the “other side of me”, please follow me on twitter / facebook / google+ using the links below.