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Getting back to taking photographs

  Hello folks … I know its been terribly long time since i last updated this blog. Every time i say i will be more active here am taking exponentially longer time to come back and jot down my thoughts

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Impressions of India – Ep 01 – Kutch – Folk Music & Instruments

  Kutch district in Gujrat has a rich culture of folk music and dance. People here are very fond of music and Kutchi music Instruments. Kutchi folk music existed since ancient period here. Above is one such glimpse of a

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End of every chapter is a beginning of a new one ….. [Annoucement]

When you have a book in hand, end of every chapter is a beginning of a new one and not to forget end of every book is a beginning of new one. So is a case in a journey called

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Diwali Greetings

Earlier in the day i received the below message as a forward for Deepavali wishes. I thought it was so apt and right – that i will share it with the fellow JTN readers. Six things we traditionally do during

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Silent Whispers

      You might be interested in these blogs as well . . .Family Tree [Highly Recomended] Birding in Waynad, Kerala Portraits of Strangers Photography – Art ? Science ? Learning ? Black & White Conversion | Photoshop Technique

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