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Getting back to taking photographs

  Hello folks … I know its been terribly long time since i last updated this blog. Every time i say i will be more active here am taking exponentially longer time to come back and jot down my thoughts

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Kathmandu – a tranquil sojourn

  Just back from a brief but very relaxing and peaceful trip to Nepal. Hopped on btw Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara during the stay. Got to admit Nepal will end up as my second best/favorite place after Ladakh for all the

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Presbyterain Church Nongsawlia – Oldest British Church

  Its the first church in Meghalaya/India. Yes, Meghalaya was one of the only places in India where there was widespread acceptance of the missionaries and their faith (to the extent that 70-80% of the population is now Christian). The

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#RainLandStories – Colorful cart of fruits / Markets of the Meghalaya

  The magic of market at Cherrapunji is something to be experienced. Its a good place to not only buy and sell the produce of the villages but also a socialising event that the villagers follow. There are two types

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#RaindLandStories – Limestone worker

  The people of Cherrapunjee have been resorting to mining of coal, limestone and sand since a long time now. The ravaged sides of the hills stand testimony to the unplanned and unscientific methods of mining adopted by the localites.

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