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Silent Whispers

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Kathmandu – a tranquil sojourn

  Just back from a brief but very relaxing and peaceful trip to Nepal. Hopped on btw Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara during the stay. Got to admit Nepal will end up as my second best/favorite place after Ladakh for all the

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[Highly Recomended] Birding in Waynad, Kerala

Its been a while and its been a really long while since i last used my tele lens this year for some proper bird photography. It travelled along with me to Meghalaya but the birds there preferred to take vacation

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Birds of the Himalayas

Not shooting much of wildlife in 2013 made me go back and dig into bit of my archives to figure out what all i have shot and what i have not so that i can plan for 2014 in a

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Look who is taking rest under the sign board

After having seen a black bear in Mt Rainer National Park, i was wondering if I had enough luck to sight any other forms of wildlife in South West US and the question got answered when we just finished a

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