Wildlife the Toonie Way by Rohan Chakravarty


Rohan Chakravarty - Wildlife Cartoonist at Green Humour

after much of the procastination over the last few days i eventually managed to sneak in time to visit a very unique exhibition – an exhibition of wildlife caricatures by Rohan Chakravarty of GreenHumour. I have been following Rohan’s work on his website/social media for quite a while now and one things that makes his work stand out especially in the wildlife art is his ability to bring in a touch of humour to his work. His presence of mind and creativity just take the front seat when it comes to bringing day2day wildlife scenarios in form of cartoon strips. In this particular exhibition called “Wildlife the toonie way”, Rohan has put up a collection of work which is an assortment of bird, mammal and reptile caricatures. The exhibition is on till 27th of this month and is held at Indian Cartoon Gallery which is a 5 minute walk from the Trinity metro station. He has his work available as purchase in form of posters, framed prints, diary etc which i bet no one would come out of the hall without booking one.

Wildlife the toonie way by Rohan Chakravarty

And while i was there i had a quick chat with Rohan himself and try to understand him and his work and sort of show it to outside world who is not aware of him ( which is very unlikely for a celebrity like him ).

Earlier on in the week my buddies Rana & Sugandhi sat down with him for an impromptu discussion and they have blogged about it here >> First day, first show

To see more of Rohan’s work visit his website > GreenHumour and his stay tuned to his updates on FB at > Rohan Chakravarty

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Presbyterain Church Nongsawlia – Oldest British Church



Its the first church in Meghalaya/India. Yes, Meghalaya was one of the only places in India where there was widespread acceptance of the missionaries and their faith (to the extent that 70-80% of the population is now Christian). The church was founded by Thomas Jones, the first missionary to the Khasi hills and the founder of the Khasi script. Thomas Jones, the son of a carpenter from Wales, was ordained a Methodist minister and left soon after with his wife, Anne to India. After their arrival in Calcutta, Anne gave birth to a child, who could not survive and died soon after birth. The Jones’ then climbed the hills up from present-day Bangladesh to reach Cherrapunji, where they set up their base in late June 1841.

Rev. Jones’ skill as a carpenter were well appreciated by the local people and he soon became a part of the community and learnt the language. By 1942, just a year after Jones had reached Sohra, he had already brought out the first ever works of modern Khasi literature – a Khasi reader and the translation of a Welsh book. Rev. Jones used the Roman script, which fit very well with the Khasi language. Before this, there were many attempts at devising a script and the Bengali script appeared to be the least difficult to adapt. However, Thomas Jones changed all that and wrote his name into Khasi history for ever. In 1846, Jones established this first church in Meghalaya in Sohra.



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Family Tree


I titled this image Family Tree right the moment i clicked this image. Anyone wants to take a guess why this name and what are the 3-4 interpretation i want to convey using these two word “family tree” ? The closest guess will get a free 12×8 print on archival medium from my end.

For the tech geeks out there, this is shot on Fujifilm X100S with inbuilt B&W (Yellow Filter).


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Stay Strong

Stay Strong

if you are weak you will just fade away, so you gotta be standing strong and face the world …

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[Highly Recomended] Birding in Waynad, Kerala

Vernal Hanging Parrot, Waynad

Vernal Hanging Parrot, Waynad

Its been a while and its been a really long while since i last used my tele lens this year for some proper bird photography. It travelled along with me to Meghalaya but the birds there preferred to take vacation when i was there. All thanks to lot of non-wildlife and non-birding related photography commitments that i have been into, the lack of shooting birds was actually catching up on me. This last weekend when i drove down to Waynad with couple of my friends I had decided that i will force myself to some birdings in morning and evenings in and around the place where I would stay. But the almighty had a different plan all-together for me during the 3 days. This beautiful property called Kudajadri Drizzle where i was staying in Waynad was a paradise for birding and bird photography. Right from the moment i parked my car in their campus when i noticed a Vernal hanging parrot busy feeding on a guava tree right above the car, till the last day i could see and hear birds everywhere. We for once know that if there are fruiting tree or if there is flowering trees then the possibility of finding birds are really high and this place just multiplies the opportunity by many folds. During my stay I hardly got to walk more than 50mts within the garden in the homestay premises during which i could see more than 20+ varieties of birds at a time. Many a times it was just matter of sitting in a corner and just start writing down the names of all the birds that i could see let alone photograph. The homestay property has a very big and beautifully maintained garden with lots of flowering plants and trees and couple of huge guava tree in the middle of their garden is the centre of attraction for parakeets, barbets, bulbuls, green leaf birds and many more who just come and eat their heart out. The very sight of seeing a pigmy woodpecker and common flameback within a matter of minutes and then closely followed by a close call with a common cuckoo was something i would definitely want to highlight from this place. There are lot more birds that i saw than i could manage to photograph, but never the less am happy that i got to visit this beautiful place filled with so many opportunities and also good that i got a chance to get back to basics and shoot some stuff which i always loved shooting. So if you are looking for a nice weekend or a longer vacation away from city and have plans of visiting Waynad then definitely consider this place both for its stay and also the wonderful opportunity it gives for birding. This is one place i would like to say is highly recomended place for birding (and relaxation) in Waynad.

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