One secret ingredient for good sea scape images


Day in and day out we see numerous technically & aesthetically perfect sea scape images on web. Learning what settings goes in the camera when you trip the shutter & what filters to use is which one can learn on web or in books or attending dedicated workshops. But there is one secret ingredient which one needs to have to get good waterscapes and seascapes and that is getting the love for water. Not everyone is equally blessed to be in a situation where they enjoy water in natural form – be it a waterfall or rain or river. Until the point one does not get down and start feeling the water – its very challenging if not for impossible to get good images.

Quite often I have come across people who like to shoot water scapes end up saying am scared of waves, I don’t like getting wet, salt water will harm my skin etc. One has to get out of their comfort zone and start to enjoy being in water and thats when images start flowing as fluidly as water.

Talking of waterscapes a quick plug to a feature I had on YahooLifestyle about the “Waterfalls of Karnataka

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Right Place, Right Time & Right People

Brighton Pier Sunset


…. sometimes life is all about being at the right place, at the right time with the right people ….

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#RainLandStories – Colorful cart of fruits / Markets of the Meghalaya

Nagatinga/Sophie, Cheerapunji, Meghalaya


The magic of market at Cherrapunji is something to be experienced. Its a good place to not only buy and sell the produce of the villages but also a socialising event that the villagers follow. There are two types of markets – lewbah (big market) and lewrit (small market). Lewbah is held once in eight days and if it falls on a sunday its pushed to the preceding saturday. The lewrit is helod on teh 4th day from lewbah. The fruit you find above is called sop-hie or nagatinga (hope the spellings are correct ?) which is a fruit predominantly from the north east mountain region.

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#RaindLandStories – Limestone worker

Limestone Worker, Cheerapunji, Meghalaya


The people of Cherrapunjee have been resorting to mining of coal, limestone and sand since a long time now. The ravaged sides of the hills stand testimony to the unplanned and unscientific methods of mining adopted by the localites. Some of the places here are already suffering consequences like poor quality of potable water. The cement factory which comes under the Govt of Meghalaya generate employment and usher in development in this place by utilising the locally available limestone and coal mineral resources. As one drives through the scenic routes around the villages of Cherrapunji, they can see workers building or piling up limestones under hut structure, which gets lit in the form of a oven generating lime which goes into the making of paints ( whitewash ) and also for general consumption (supari).

I will do a separate blog post dedicated to the limestone huts ( thats what i termed them as ) where the heating of the limestone happens, but until then enjoy this another face of Limestone worker in the #RainLandStories series.

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#RainLandStories – Inside the batman’s world

Inside Mausmi Cave, Cheerapunji, Meghalaya


One of the USP of Meghalaya has to be its beautiful caves. A few handful ones have been commercialised by making way to walk or even install light fixtures but there are many of them which needs a proper expedition to access them and going there in monsoon is big risk in itself. As a matter of fact, some of the caves are called as rat-hole-mines for the obvious fact that the openings are so small for someone to even walk through it. For someone like me who is not into adventure sports or rock-climbing and stuff, the very experience of going through one of the easily accessible ones made me fall in love with these place. At certain points there are openings which are good enough for one person to sneak in and at other places like the image above where roof of the cave is almost 5times the height of a normal human being. The very sight of bats flying over and the rain water dripping on the head (i dont think i need to explicitly point it out in the above image) with every step is an experience one should really go through to enjoy it to the best. The moment i grabbed this image the first thing that came into my mind was “…. ok this is how the batman’s world looks like from inside” :)

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