In Bangalore when it rains it HAILs


via @sriharikraman

via @sriharikraman

Yes – sometimes in Bangalore when it rains it actually hails ! That was what happened even last night ( 24th April, ’15 ), round about 1800hrs strong winds took Bangalore by surprise and what followed next even bigger. Bangaloreans who were winding up the day and heading home after work were taken for a surprise with first of the season hailstorm in Bangalore and according to met department stats, some of these hailstones were as big as 1cm in diameter. Just because people didn’t wanted to miss this beautiful opportunity, some of them decided to play and other decided to capture this rare scene on their cameras. Below are some of the images that i came across on twitter this morning.

PS : Images credit are given to the corresponding person’s twitter handle in the caption of the images.


via @sriharikraman


via @Muthesh_Dharma


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via @sree_tt

via @yimt15

via @yimt15

via @yimt15

via @yimt15

And some video too …

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Kathmandu – a tranquil sojourn

Kathmandu, Nepal, Panoramic View, Areal View


Just back from a brief but very relaxing and peaceful trip to Nepal. Hopped on btw Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara during the stay. Got to admit Nepal will end up as my second best/favorite place after Ladakh for all the things that it could offer. Have quite a few things to share about the cities & places that I visited. More on this in the later posts. Until then … hoping that everyone is having a good time with your near and dear ones.


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Neralu Photo Project

Neralu Tree Festival, Bangalore


If you love photographing trees, ?#?Neralu? Photo Project is for you. Another week to go to send in your submissions.

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It’s been a great year ! Thanks for being a part of it.

Wooly Necked Stork @ Sunset in Kaziranga, Assam



To each and every one of you – my family, my friends, my well wishers, my mentors, my students, my colleagues, my fellow photogs, …

Its been one heck of a fun journey in 2014 and thanks to every one of you for being a part of it and making it memorable. We all had our own ups an downs. But in the end if we are signing off this year with a nice bright smile and start the new year with new hope and new joy then it sums it up.

Wishing you all a very successful and prosperous ’15 – see you on the other side soon. Until then,


God bless & Keep smiling.


– Shiv

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Beyond closed doors

Beyond Closed Doors | a moment of time


A couple of days ago I was mentoring a group of photographers from ThePrismGuild on a photo walk in the bustling bylanes of Avenue Road in Bengaluru. The photo walk’s theme was “Life on Footpath”.  While a few participants were discussing amongst themselves on how to capture the street life, I on other hand was busy helping others on the technical aspects of the imaging world.

While we were almost at the end of the photo walk I bumped into this person who was sitting on the steps leading to a shop which was still closed.  At first I spent a few moments staring at him thinking if I should click a picture or not, but after a while the visual elements of the picture started to crystalize. His silence, his posture and the closed shutters of the shop all started to collide and I realised I had to frame this moment. It took me less than a minute to get this framing and image.

But what has kept me hooked is the eerie feeling that certain images have on you. I always avoid shooting homeless people and beggars on the streets as a personal choice. But this man never fell into any of those categories compared to the many others I found on the same street. He was an impeccably dressed old man sitting there with his fingers interlocked and looking wistfully at the ground.

Even after 24 hours of shooting this image, my mind keeps wandering back to this image wondering what could have been running through his mind; why is he sitting there so lost and confused. I’m no Brandon from Humans of New York who goes and speaks to strangers on the street asking them about their best moments in life or the thing they regret the most etc., but somewhere deep within, I felt I should have made a conversation with him.

 I still deeply feel he had a story to tell; he might/might not be sad, he might/might not be confused, he might/might not be lost; but he definitely had a story behind his silence.  While I started thinking about what to write about this image, the first thing that came to me as a caption for the image as well as the title for the blog is “Beyond Closed Doors” which becomes very obvious because both the door and this person’s mind seemed to be metaphorically shut.

So tell me readers, how do you interpret this image? Photography is open to many interpretations and connotations and this is one picture that seems to symbolize it well.


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