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End of every chapter is a beginning of a new one ….. [Annoucement]

When you have a book in hand, end of every chapter is a beginning of a new one and not to forget end of every book is a beginning of new one. So is a case in a journey called

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Stay Strong

if you are weak you will just fade away, so you gotta be standing strong and face the world … You might be interested in these blogs as well . . .[Highly Recomended] Birding in Waynad, Kerala Sand, Sea, Sky

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One secret ingredient for good sea scape images

Day in and day out we see numerous technically & aesthetically perfect sea scape images on web. Learning what settings goes in the camera when you trip the shutter & what filters to use is which one can learn on

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Wishing you a very prosperous 2013

Wishing you all JTN readers/visitors/supporters a very happy, prosperous and a fun filled 2013. May this new year bring in new light and new life and new beginnings and more than anything more happiness and good health to you and your families. Looking forward

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Conveying emotions through pixels

One of the days during my stay in California with my buddy Adarsh, we decided to drive down to Big Sur beach to see sunset and shoot some photos at the Pfeiffer beach. I had certain video clips that i

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