Karnataka’s Spell Binding Waterfalls

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Image behind the Rs. 20/- note

North Bay Island / Coral Island, Andaman

Allright, now that you have read the title of this post and seen the image, I want you to quickly grab your wallet and pull out the Rs. 20/- note from it and flip it and look at the photo on the back side of the note. Shocked ? Surprised ? atleast i was when i visited Andaman islands late last year when i saw this first. During the first couple of days of local travel within and around the main Portblair city, my guide/driver took me to this place to show the exact frame which is behind the Rs. 20 note. This exact scene can be witnessed when you are on your way to Mt Harriot and there is one small opening which gives the exact view. The island what you see on the far end is the North Bay Island / Coral Island which is a very well know tourist place in Andaman island especially for the ease at which you can see the corals and carry out a round of snorkeling. I personally have no reference or pointers to how exactly the person who designed the note decided to include this frame behind the note, but nevertheless once you relate such things which you see in your day2day transactions and relate it to something within nature – it really brings out a nice smile.


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2011 – a year that was

Demoiselle Cranes Flight, Kichan, Rajasthan
Demoiselle Cranes Flight, Kichan, Rajasthan



PS: As you all might expect this will be a very lengthy blog unlike my usual photoblog type posts. Read at your own risk and leisure.

As I indicated in one of my blog post late last week, am here presenting you my customary “2011 – a year that was” blog post just like the last years “2010 – a year in the journey“.  Just like 2010, 2011 also saw a lot of changes to my portfolio and the type of shoots that i did and the type of knowledge i gained with regard to the type of photography i do. I did quite a lot of travel and landscape stuff and reasonably less wildlife photography but the entire year was planned and dedicated to videos and timelapses. I spent quite a lot of time, money and of course energy in learning this new arena of digital imaging. This is such a vast ocean that i might take a really long time to get to taste the water properly but it will be done for sure. So without wasting further time, here is a month by month run down of shoots that i did.

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