2011 – a year that was

Demoiselle Cranes Flight, Kichan, Rajasthan
Demoiselle Cranes Flight, Kichan, Rajasthan



PS: As you all might expect this will be a very lengthy blog unlike my usual photoblog type posts. Read at your own risk and leisure.

As I indicated in one of my blog post late last week, am here presenting you my customary “2011 – a year that was” blog post just like the last years “2010 – a year in the journey“.¬† Just like 2010, 2011 also saw a lot of changes to my portfolio and the type of shoots that i did and the type of knowledge i gained with regard to the type of photography i do. I did quite a lot of travel and landscape stuff and reasonably less wildlife photography but the entire year was planned and dedicated to videos and timelapses. I spent quite a lot of time, money and of course energy in learning this new arena of digital imaging. This is such a vast ocean that i might take a really long time to get to taste the water properly but it will be done for sure. So without wasting further time, here is a month by month run down of shoots that i did.

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