Creativity …. its all about seeing … with your eyes ….

Elephant Eyes - Corbett

People say creativity is all about seeing differently through your eyes. But what if your eyes bump into many pairs of eyes at once when you are behind the lens ? :)

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Shhivakuumar Lakshminarayana

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  1. Arun

    Beautiful moment. Loved this capture.

    1. Shivakumar

      Thanks a lot Arun for your words 🙂 -SK

    2. Shivakumar

      ha ha ha .. thanks Adarsh.

      Run and Me ? You should see some frames in which you can see how close the elephants managed to come close to us. Scary it was 🙂 -SK

  2. Adarsh

    Haha..Glad you decided to click rather than run 🙂 Lovely Frame

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