Flights of Fantacy – Raptors in their world

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20071012-_MG_0162-EHobby 20071116-_MG_2719-ShikraFlight
20071117-_MG_3167-TAWNYI 20071117-_MG_3065-MarshHarrier
20071026-_MG_1369-PFalcon 20071013-_MG_0681-WEBuzzard
20071117-_MG_2972-VultureFlight 20071117-_MG_2985-EVultureImm


1a. Eurasian Hobby

1b. Shikra

2a. Tawny Eagle

2b. Marsh Harrier

3a. Shaheen Falcon

3b. White Eyed Buzzard

4a. Egyptian Vulture ( Adult )

4b. Egyptian Vulture ( Immature )

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  1. Pramod Viswanath

    What a raptor collection Phew!! Superb images dude and an awesome “collage” here. I am flattened.

  2. Anil

    Woww!! too good a collection!! shear “Wings of Power”.

  3. Robin

    Superb. If only we all could take photos like that.

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