Hidden Gems


Over the last few days I spent a bit of time going through my archives for some personal work and i apparently happen to bump into this image which was made way back in 2008 at Mulliangiri at Chikmagalur.  This was a time when myself and my buddy PramodViswanath started off on a road trip en-visioning a journey which will be called as Landscape Wizards.  I just sat back and enjoyed my weekend literally starring at this image.  I wonder why i hadn’t processed and put up this image in my website or in my blog then but got so attached to this image that this has eventually found itself a place on my room wall now in the form of a framed archival print.

(Yeah i know i have tried out something new in the processing in this image, but not in the one which i got printed – I feel every day is a new day to learn something new and enjoy)

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