Kambla 2010 – Moodabidri

Kambala or Kambla is a rural traditional simple sport, prominent in districts of Udupi and Mangalore in Karnataka  and also Kasargod district in Kerala. Kambala is basically a traditional buffalo race in muddy waters, held from December till March. A pair of bullocks are made to run in the marshy fields filled with water called “Kesaru Gadde”. A white cloth will be tied at certain height on this field, a winner is the one who spears mud/clay on the white cloth while running. Kadri kambla was very famous in earlier days, now due to lack of space and the growth of the city, people have built houses and complexes in the fields. The winner, the owner of the bullocks will be a getting a trophy and some cash price. Also, the winning pair of buffaloes were rewarded with coconuts and a bunch of plantains. But, Kambala today has become an organised,professional sports.

People place massive amounts of bets on the winning buffaloes and one can witness more than 20,000 spectators in a well organised Kambala, egging and cheering the buffaloes to complete the race. As of now, more than 45 races are held annually in Coastal Karnataka. Nearly 18 kambalas are held under the banner of Kambala Samithi and the rest are held under the auspices of temples and political patronage. Kambala still remains a hugely popular sport in Coastal Karnataka.

Some of the famous Kambalas include:
Mulki Seeme Arasu Kambala (Mulki),

Katapadi Beedu Kambala (Katpadi),

Miyaru Kambala (Miyaru, Karkala),

Koti-Chennayya Kambala (Nandikuru, Udupi),

Kantabaare-Boodabaare Kambala (Mangalore),

Kolattamajalu Jaya-vijaya Kambala (Bantwal),

Soorya-Chandra Kambala (Belthangady),

Lava-Kusha Kambala (Bantwala),

Jaya-Vijaya Kambala (Karkala),

Vijaya-Vikrama Kambala (Uppinangadi),

Koti-Chennaya Kambala(Puttur),

Muudur-Paduur : Kambala (At Kavalakatte)

Koti-chennayya Kambala (Moodubidri)

Baradi Biidu :Surya-Chandra Kambala

Surya-Chandra Kambala (Shirva)


Some more info which i got while i was browsing for info on Kambla >

http://sow-sowmya.blogspot.com/2009/11/kambala-calendar-for-2009.html ( A very handy info by my friend which helped me do the planning 🙂 )

Hope you all liked them.

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  1. Pratap

    Wonderful captures. Loved them all. Crisp, well focused and correctly exposed.

  2. shalini

    superb pics and the story too,loved watching and learning all the info,great job shiva

  3. Smaran Mudbidri


    Excellent article, but hope that by professionalizing the Kambla sport, we don’t loose the compassion for the poor buffaloes. It is indeed sad to see this transition into a professional sport. Also why do they throw eggs ? – What a waste!


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