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There is no lock manufactured without a key and in the same lines there will not be problems without solution.  So in a treasure-hunt called “life” to get the key to Happiness we see too many wrong locks !

” If God brings you to it, he will definitely bring you through it. “

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Shhivakuumar Lakshminarayana

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  1. bhavana

    I liked it…

  2. Pramod Viswanath

    Love the last line. I would like to put it this way – ‘There are locks everywhere, the challenge is to find the key maker!”

  3. Shivakumar

    @Pramod – When locks are already manufactured with Keys .. i don’t believe in searching for a keymaker to give me a temp/duplicate key.
    Anyways .. .thats my approach to life 🙂

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