PS: Firstly let me warn you that this will be a slightly longer post comprising of more number of images and words than what I usually post on my blog.

To begin with 2010 was a year of surprises for me both with regard to the number of last minute travels i did and the type of photography portfolio i built up. The year started with a small addition to my JTN website in form of “People & Places” gallery but i hardly got time to update the gallery with images on a frequent basis. This year was a mixture of dedicated Landscape, Travel, Wildlife photography and i attended couple of (non-nature/non-travel related) workshops which i really wanted to attend as i wanted to extend my portfolio there as well.  JTN website faced a serious web attack during mid 2010 after which it had to go under axe for some of its front end features which it is still not able to recover. But i promise all your JTN viewers a brand new and replenished JTN portal coming your way in 2011 – with more images, tutorials, photoessays, stories and the usual rants and cribs here and there about the state affairs of photography and photobusiness in our country.

So without further delay let me take you through the year 2010 and some images that i made during those month.

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Kambla 2010 – Moodabidri

Kambala or Kambla is a rural traditional simple sport, prominent in districts of Udupi and Mangalore in Karnataka and also Kasargod district in Kerala. Kambala is basically a traditional buffalo race in muddy waters, held from December till March. A pair of bullocks are made to run in the marshy fields filled with water called “Kesaru Gadde”. A white cloth will be tied at certain height on this field, a winner is the one who spears mud/clay on the white cloth while running.

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