Can an image convey a mood or emotion ?

Ramanagara Egyptian Vulture


Quite some time back a friend of mine from office and self had a discussion about my images and my type of photography and during the course of the discussion i was being told that i have a unique style of photography that i showcase into my images. I rejected that statement at the very moment as i am of a firm believer of the fact that it takes ages if not for months for a photographer to establish his identity and sort of have his signature and stampmark all over his images and that something which can be recognized by anyone and everyone.  While confronting these thoughts, i was told that usually my images have the sense of the number one. Upon digging it further i got to hear that the bird/mammal or any scape that i have photographed have a sense of mood embedded in it which depict the state of mind of a person. It depicts a sense of loneliness ? a sense of calmness ? a sense of waiting ? a sense of solitude ? a sense of being away from the crowd ? a sense of a subject in its dreams ?

Right from that day till now i have been trying to go back to my archive and look back at my images specially the ones which i term as my favorites (which very less people might/would like) actually end up depicting one or the other state of mind jotted down above. At times i find it hard to relate why i shot a particular image like that or may be its the way i see things but it seems to have happened and it continues to happen as some of my recent images also has shown that signs. I do admit am an aquarian and live my life in a dreamworld where everything lies in imagination and being separated from the crowd trying to prove and become something.

What ever is being said or done about a particular style of photography and the form which some individuals use it to represent colors, relation between the subjects, abstraction, moment, etc – for me i had always been and will always continue to approach a photograph in a way that it at the very instant of seeing shows the state of mind of either the subject or depicts a type of mood. One reason why i like and love B&W photographs is because thanks to all the color elements being taken away, it ends up with lots of tones and each shift in contrast and brightness and composition conveys a different mood all together.

So having said all that i shall leave you with some of my favorite images shot which i feel suits the bill in the context and which i term as some of my favorites due to obvious reasons.


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Challenges In Life

Himalayan IbexEvery morning when an Ibex wakes up in the Spiti valley, it has just one thing to worry about – to spend its life amidst the challenging and the most difficult terrain of the valley in an attempt to keep itself and its family safe from the predator in form of the Snowleopard.

Every morning when a Snowleopard wakes up in the Spiti valley, it has just one thing to worry about – how to strategise its life amidst the challenging and the most difficult terrain of the valley in an attempt to kill a Ibex and feed itself and its family.

This is exactly the same case with all of us also. We are like the ibex which wake up in morning and we race against time doing all that we can to be happy for self and also ensure our family and near and dear ones are safe and win over Life. But life on other hand has a different story defined for us everyday and we dont know when we see the good or bad side of it each day. Each of these is defined by what we all term as “Destiny”.  Everyone knows we cant win against life and all that we manage to do is to survive yet another day in a challenge against life.  The difficulties we face can be in form of personal life, professional life, and anything and everything but its we who have to wake up to a new morning and decide how we tackle it. Some of us are crippled against it and some of us well prepared for the battle. Eventually its just the “survival of fittest”.

Just hoping that the almighty or supreme power gives us all that we need to face the challenges offered by life and get us going.

Few more images after the break . . .


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Why do the done ? Part II ( Aero India 2011 Images ) – Something Different ?


Continuing with my previous post about Aero India 2011, where i referred to about “Why do the done ?“. In this follow up post which you can call as Part II or Next in the series I shall be presenting to you two things i tried out with regard to presentation of the Air show images from this year.

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