– Visions on Sand –

ShellAbstract BrokenShell
ShellandPlant Sandpatterns TheFootPrints
GreenPatterns TheDeath Patterns
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Shhivakuumar Lakshminarayana

~ Photographer ~ Wanderer ~ Music Lover ~ Automobile Enthusiast ~ Geek ~ Dreamer ~ Foodie ~ Caffeine Addict ~ Techie ~ Mac-a-holic ~ Social Media Freak ~

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  1. Pramod Viswanath

    Fantastic images. “The Death” is the image of the lot that I like the most. Superb visions exhibited here. Really nostalgic of that beautiful place.

  2. Deepa Mohan

    Great textures and variations in the monochromes that are beautiful to see. I feel like touching these pictures, the tactile element is so strong.

  3. Mohanram

    Beautiful images, love the green algae image.

  4. Rohini Kamath

    Very lovely, my favourites are the last 2. Esp the last one – “Patterns”. Love how the lines seem to go on for ever.

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