Wishing you a very prosperous 2010

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Wishing you all JourneyThroughNature viewers a very Happy and Prosperous and fun filled 2010.

www.journeythroughnature.com (JTN) was started in 2009 with an intention of showcasing my work and also some perspectives of Nature and Wildlife through my eyes and through my vision. 2010 will see some new changes in JTN – the very first introduction being that of “Travel Photography”. There will be more emphasis on Travel photography and Travel essays – but pertaining to Nature and Wildlife places only. There are quite a few concepts planned up which will be disclosed as days goes by.  I will also be introducing a section in JTN Image gallery called “People n Places” which will be a one stop place for all the Travel photography that I do. This will be made public in few days from now.

Second of my announcement is that – starting Jan 1st, 2010 – the images in JTN will be available for purchase as large prints or as soft media for public usage. The prices vary which will be based on type of usage(commercial / non-commercial), media(print / internet), circulation, gifting etc and can be discussed there on.  The work is still “in progress” to integrate the shopping cart and all that  – so until then “Contact Form” in the website is a better way to get in touch with me to take it forward.

Hoping everyone is having a safe and sound holiday and festive season and everyone is geared up for the bright new year coming up.

Keep smiling everyone and please do drop by JTN regularly for more news , views and surprises which are lined up in 2010.

Shivakumar L Narayan



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